Our webinars share what’s new and trending and demonstrate how clients use promotional products to solve their specific challenges. 

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Igniting Engagement Through Tactile Experiences
Date: April 22, 2021
Duration: 30 minutes
Bobby Lehew (Chief Content Officer at commonsku) and Michael Wolaver (Captain of Magellan Promotions) will discuss how promotional merchandise is on the rise and why. During the time of COVID, many brands are finding promotional products as a way to reconnect in their disconnected world, and how those experiences can help build unity, bring delight, and ignite engagement. We’ll discuss the key touchpoints that matter when building promo experiences for audiences, how branded merchandise helps build affinity, plus how integrating with other media helps build a full sensory experience!


Yield and Anti-Melt Strategies with Promotional Products
Date: March 17, 2021
Duration: 30 minutes – Watch the Recording
Learn how to include the effectiveness of promotional product marketing in yield and anti-melt campaigns to keep deposited students interested and engaged with Steve Baker and Sarah Blake as they walk through examples of effective and impactful anti-melt strategies.


New Products for 2021
Date: February 24, 2021
Duration: 30 minutes – Watch the Recording
Alyssa Adriansen and Steve Baker present our annual list of our most-favorited new items for 2021 in this fun, engaging, and interactive live webinar.


Marketing That Sticks: Incorporating Stickers in Your Marketing Strategy
Date: November 19, 2020
Duration: 14 minutes – Watch the Recording
Tim Jones and Steve Baker share ways to include low-cost, high impact custom sticker sheets in your marketing.


Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Interactive Mailings
Date: November 18, 2020
Duration: 12 minutes – Watch the Recording
Find out how to include interactive mailings as part of your marketing strategy to engage your core audience in an isolating time.


Products Ready to Mail
Date: March 26, 2020
Duration: 15 Minutes – Watch the Recording
Get solutions that help with recruiting from a distance, post-event follow up, developing new yield strategies, and combating melt.