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Seven New Trends in Stickers

The popularity of stickers has grown tremendously over the past several years as people love to show off their affiliations through stickers on their devices, water bottles and more.   

As stickers have matured as a product, new iterations and trends have evolved. We pride ourselves on staying focused on the latest trends, so here are seven trends, innovations and new sticker-related products.     

  1. Sticker Bifold Mailer (Magellan Innovation) – Direct mail has risen in popularity with the shift to digital marketing. Marketers are always looking for new options for direct mailers.. To meet this demand, we created a new custom option: an interactive and informational direct mailer that features a full color postcard, folded in half.. When the recipient opens the bifold, the left side has printed information and the right side features a 3” x 5” custom sticker sheet. Thus this product shares important information while providing excitement and long-lasting impact with stickers. 
  2. Die Cut Sticker Pack – This retail-looking product features a series of die cut stickers that are packaged in a clear cello-pack with a cardboard header card. By not being able to easily see all of the items inside, the product creates a sense of excitement as the user opens the pack to look through all of the die cut stickers. Our die cut stickers have a middle-slit removable backing, making them easy to use.
    1. Level It Up – Create additional excitement and engagement with multiple versions of the sticker packs. Since not everyone will have  the same sticker experience, the pack will spark conversations and opportunities for trades or creating collections.     
  3. Mascot BuilderTop Sticker Trends and InnovationsThis is a fun and interactive way for recipients to custom create their own version of a college mascot. The sticker sheet features a large sticker of the college mascot and then has a variety of small stickers that can be layered on top of the mascot (your imagination and creativity can really shine here with stickers specific to your campus). The stickers have a clear backing, allowing them to layer seamlessly without any white borders. The opposite side of the sheet has space for the mascot to be placed and decorated. This allows the recipient to have full creative control when designing their custom mascot.
  4. The 3-in-1 MascotWe love products that serve two purposes and get even more excited when a product becomes a 3-in-1. This die-cut printed mascot meets that unique threshold using our two-sided sticker sheet! The three pieces are:
    1. Informational – One side of the sheet is printed with marketing information.  
    2. Stickers – Integrate the information side with a series of custom die cut stickers.  
    3. Paper Mascot – Use the opposite side of the sheet for a full color image of the college mascot. This becomes perfect for the recipient to hang and/or pose with on social media after reviewing the other side’s information and using the stickers. 
  5. Level Up the Mobile Experience with AR – By adding a QR code to a sticker sheet, the marketing piece now has a built-in tech experience. Level up that experience with augmented reality (AR) to create a unique and informational 3D interaction. Simply scan the QR code and the AR experience launches on the phone. To learn more about this technology, connect with CampusXR to make an augmented reality experience come to life. We then partner with them to print the QR code on the sticker sheets.  
  6. Holographic – An 80’s printing technology (I still remember my National Geographic with a hologram eagle on the cover) has regained popularity. This is for two reasons. First, holographic printing costs have come down and print quality continues to improve. Second, with the proliferation of stickers, brands stand out when they are different. These certainly are noticed with their bright, shiny and iridescent finish.    
  7. Domed – Another way to differentiate stickers is through a domed feature. With most stickers being flat, these 3D stickers will literally “stand out” from the rest. Domed stickers can be created in either stock or custom die-cut shapes.  

We will continue to keep our ear to the ground on the latest sticker trends and innovations!

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