Cassi Dreyer

Senior Account Manager

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Cassi brings to the team more than seven years of direct higher education experience. Prior to joining the team, her experience includes roles in Residence Life, Student Life, Enrollment Management, and Transfer Relations. She is also former Magellan Promotions client and enjoys helping provide impactful promotional product solutions.

As a part of the Account Manager team, Cassi works one-on-one with clients all over the country including New York, Iowa, and Minnesota. She works with clients from start to finish of projects and provides creative solutions to fit their individual promotional needs.

She has a master’s degree in Student Affairs from Eastern Illinois University and a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

What would be your baseball walk out song?

Walk it Out by UNK

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be {blank}.

Teleportation - Traveling the world while saving time and money? Yes, please!

What was your favorite band/artist 10 years ago?

Green Day - It’s been a while, but I have their CD somewhere.

What job would you be terrible at?

Singer - I’m terrible, my family can attest!