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Audrey Schlicht

Senior Project Coordinator

The path that led me to Magellan Promotions took some twists and turns. Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, I moved to Milwaukee for school in 2012. I attended Wisconsin Lutheran College and received my bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Communication. While attending there, I also interned at both a mission advancement office and a promotional company. I also worked at Hal Leonard, a music publishing company. I volunteered as a concert planner at my college as well. I always kept quite busy!

After graduation, I gained experience through various roles at Hal Leonard. I attended trade shows across the country, worked in customer service, helped train new hires, planned workshops, spearheaded a marketing plan for a product line, and worked as an Account Manager for key distributors. As a musician myself, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of my composition heroes, build partnerships with my accounts, and help support the mission of educational music.

In 2020, I turned a new leaf and joined the team at Magellan Promotions. In my role as an Account Coordinator, I work with our production partners to ensure that timelines are met daily and all orders are processed smoothly. I greatly enjoy seeing the impact that promotional products have on our client’s success, specifically with mailing projects. Seeing those come to fruition from start to finish is so rewarding!

I enjoy working on a tight knit team and having so much agency in the evolution of my role. Working with creative and like-minded people daily is a blessing and an asset to my professional development. I strive to be a servant leader each day while working with clients, production partners, and team members.

What would be your baseball walk out song?

Game of Thrones Main Theme – Ramin Djawadi

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

Thomas Jefferson – it would be fascinating to hear about how the Declaration of Independence came to existence.

What was your favorite band/artist 10 years ago?

Owl City and Yellowcard. My all time favorite artist from around that decade is Andrew McMahon though.

If you could instantly pick up a new skill, what would it be?

Photography. I’ve always loved the idea of creating art from captured moments.

What job would you be terrible at?

A nurse or doctor – I could never do what they do.

Postage Permits

We are happy to mail using a client’s USPS non-profit number. Here are a few best practices for this to go smoothly. Let our team know up front on the project so we can make sure to get the information we need right away. 

While our mail house does prefer to use their permit number for the mailing, we can use the client’s permit, If using their permit number, ensure there is enough postage to cover the mailing.

The information we need to in order to use a client’s nonprofit number includes the following:

Formatting the Mailing List

Our account team will advise on specific requirements for your project’s mailing list.  We generally recommend these best practices to format the mailing list: