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Ryan Spannagle

Senior Project Coordinator

I’m originally from Sheboygan, WI and graduated from UW – Milwaukee with a degree in Human Resources Management. After graduating I stayed in Milwaukee where I have lived ever since.

Following graduation, my career started in various administrative roles for an Association Management Company where I managed membership registrations, onsite registrations at annual meetings across the US and provided daily support across teams. After realizing my talent for serving customers, I moved into customer service and project management roles for an architectural millwork company that specialized in providing seating and décor for restaurants, universities and retail stores.

My journey led me to Magellan Promotions where I serve as an Account Coordinator working with our production partners to make sure projects are on track and supporting the Account Management team. I pride myself on my attention to detail and my desire to provide an amazing experience for every customer.

I am a passionate auto racing fan and car enthusiast. A few years back I was lucky to achieve a lifelong dream of driving a Ferrari and Lamborghini on a racetrack! Additionally, I enjoy traveling and going on road trips, running half marathons, hanging out with my dog Max, and indulging in my watch collecting hobby.

What would be your baseball walk out song?

Electric Feel by MGMT

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

Ernest Hemingway. The man, the myth, the legend. I have always been fascinated by him and the stories surrounding his rocky life, in addition to being one of the best writers in history. I would love to sit down and hear him talk about one of his wild adventures or hear his advice on life.

What was your favorite band/artist 10 years ago?


If you could instantly pick up a new skill, what would it be?

Watchmaking! I am kind of obsessed with watches and it would be so cool to be able to put one together!

What job would you be terrible at?

Anything to do with bugs or heights. I’m afraid of both, so I wouldn’t really be much help!

Postage Permits

We are happy to mail using a client’s USPS non-profit number. Here are a few best practices for this to go smoothly. Let our team know up front on the project so we can make sure to get the information we need right away. 

While our mail house does prefer to use their permit number for the mailing, we can use the client’s permit, If using their permit number, ensure there is enough postage to cover the mailing.

The information we need to in order to use a client’s nonprofit number includes the following:

Formatting the Mailing List

Our account team will advise on specific requirements for your project’s mailing list.  We generally recommend these best practices to format the mailing list: