Slate +
Branded Merch

Build excitement by integrating branded merch into Slate comm flows for collegiate recruitment efforts.

Create a Lasting Connection

Branded merch is a unique marketing vehicle because it is a tangible good that creates excitement, influences, and provides long-lasting engagement to your prospective and incoming students.

While digital is powerful, multi-channel campaigns are more effective as they emotionally reach the recipient in different ways. While the students you’re recruiting are also being reached by other colleges – using a tactile, long lasting and fun experience can help you build affinity and stand out from the noise.

With a custom query in Slate, you can seamlessly incorporate a physically interactive experience into your digital communication flows as you pull students through the recruitment funnel. This in turn, will make it easy to incentivize and engage prospective students, admits, tour registrants, and more by creating an easy, touch-free outreach program for your admissions office.


We Make It Easy

Let Magellan Promotions integrate branded merch within your Slate comm flow. We can handle the fulfillment and mail branded merch on your behalf, making the process smooth and easy to implement.

Incentivize Behavior

As part of a student engagement plan for targeted students, encourage them to complete an action, such as filling out a form. For example, sign up for admitted student day and get a sticker pack.

Reward Behavior

Provide rewards for actions like attending a tour, or completing an application. For example, send keychains to everyone who applied.

Surprise & Delight

Create a memorable experience that the student will remember and make your college stand out. For example, 3 weeks after an acceptance notice, parents get a sticker sheet or postcard mailed.

how it works

From Your Flow to Their Mailbox

Below is an example process of sending sticker postcards to incentivize students who fill out a form through a custom query in Slate.

Incorporating sticker postcards into the overall strategy, use Slate to automatically send stickers after students fill out a form.

Identify where in the funnel you want to incentivize action, then create a sticker postcard that fits the messaging and stickers you want to provide. Magellan Promotions will produce and stock the sticker postcards.

Create an online form that notifies the student that they will receive a sticker postcard by filling out and submitting the form

A custom query in Slate triggers a notification and data push to Magellan’s secure FTP site when the form is filled out.

Magellan Promotions labels and mails the sticker postcard to the student.

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Join us for a 30 minute webinar on Tuesday, September 12 at 1:30 PM CST to explore the power of branded merch in student recruitment!

Discover how tangible goods can create excitement and long-lasting engagement, making your outreach stand out. With the help of custom queries using Slate, we’ll show you how to incorporate physical interaction into your comm flows.

Don’t miss this chance to incentivize and engage prospective students, admits, tour registrants, and more by creating an easy, touch-free outreach program for your admissions office. Be sure to save your seat today!

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