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Elevate Your College Recruitment with Slate and Branded Merchandise Integration

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Welcome to our latest exploration into the world of college recruitment. At Magellan Promotions, we’ve spent years perfecting our expertise in branded merchandise for colleges, all with a clear purpose: to solve our clients’ challenges in the most innovative ways possible. Today, we shine a spotlight on a synergy that can transform your recruitment strategies: integrating branded merchandise with Slate.

A Brief Understanding of Slate’s Reach

We’ve seen that many college admissions professionals are familiar with the capabilities of Slate. This CRM has revolutionized how colleges communicate with prospective students. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newbie, the opportunity to enrich your Slate comm flow with branded merchandise is a game-changer for engagement and conversion.

Why Multi-channel Marketing is the Key

Slate’s prowess in automating electronic comm flow is commendable. Yet, its limitation lies in not being fully multi-channel. In today’s digital age, diversifying communication methods, like sending branded merchandise through mail, has gained paramount importance. The touchpoint of tangible merchandise integrated within Slate offers a cohesive, automated, and memorable outreach to prospective students.

The Power of Branded Merchandise

Data reveals a powerful truth: Our research found that 90% of recipients say branded merchandise enhances their experience with an institution. Such merchandise is not just a novelty; it has proven influential, with 54% of students saying it played a role in their college choice. The tangibility of these products builds community, lasting impressions, and most importantly, a sense of belonging.



Integrating Branded Merchandise into Slate – How It Works  

Our strategic approach boils down to three major steps: Identify, Items, and Integrate. 

  1. Identify: Define your audience and decide the right moment to introduce branded merchandise in the Slate communications flow.
  2. Items: Here, the emphasis is on selecting and designing the perfect item that aligns with your communication strategy. Magellan then inventories it for you, for seamless distribution.
  3. Integrate: This involves setting up a custom query in Slate to securely transfer relevant information for merchandise distribution and logging the interaction.


Slate and branded merchandise

Deep Dive into Integration Features 

While our approach bears some similarities to Slate Print, we operate independently, necessitating a custom query creation to facilitate interactions. We ensure the security of data transfer, stock all merchandise in advance, and offer both one-off and rolling campaign supports. The flexibility of our integration also means we can accommodate volume variations, ensuring timely delivery to enhance engagement.

Strategies for Maximized Impact

Branded merchandise can play three significant roles in your Slate comm flow: Incentivizing Behavior, Rewarding Behavior, and Surprise and Delight. Whether it’s incentivizing students to engage with your institution, rewarding a prospective student for actions like completing a webform to receive a sticker sheet, or delighting them with unexpected merchandise post their acceptance, the strategic introduction of these elements can dramatically improve engagement and conversion.


Slate and branded merchandise

Incorporating these strategies into your university’s existing campaigns can elevate their effectiveness. Capitalizing on an established budget, it automates and streamlines the process, making implementation more efficient. This integration enhances what your university is already doing, offering tailored solutions to meet unique needs.

Why Choose Magellan Promotions for This Effort

Our uniqueness lies in three major attributes:

  • Agency-level Partner: Your dedicated Account Manager serves as your point of contact, along with a full support team to help drive your success.
  • Collegiate Expertise: Our admissions knowledge allows us to quickly recommend effective solutions to your challenges while helping to alleviate your workload.
  • Full Service: Offering a wide array of products and solutions, from branded merch and kitting to mailing, graphics, print and more.


At Magellan Promotions, we believe in equipping admissions professionals with tools and strategies to create impactful and measurable student experiences. Dive into the world of branded merchandise and Slate integration and witness the transformative impact on your recruitment strategies. Watch our webinar about Slate and Branded Merch and view the deck here.

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