At Magellan Promotions, we specialize in promotional product solutions designed to address organizations’ marketing needs. We have a unique collection of experience on our team, bringing decades of on-campus higher education experience to the work. But we also rely on data to ensure we provide the most innovative, relevant, and effective solutions for our clients. We conduct research regularly to better understand industry dynamics and uncover new insights we can share with our clients.  

Below you will find our most recent reports.

New Research: How Promotional Products Impact Alumni Giving

Fundraising for colleges and universities has always been important, but perhaps never more than it is today. Colleges are constantly looking for insights into best practices to help make their campaigns successful.

Can promotional products help in fundraising?

We commissioned a study to examine the impact promotional products may have on decisions by alumni to donate to their alma mater. The full report is available for download below.


How Enrolled Students Value and Use Promotional Items

We commissioned a study to examine how promotional products influence student decisions, emotions, and actions. The full report is available for download below.

We see so many different ways higher education organizations use branded swag, so we know it works. But what kind of impact does it have on a student’s decision about where to go to college? How does receiving promotional products make students feel? Where do most students share items that help extend your institution’s visibility and provide continued exposure for you school? 


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