Recruitment and Enrollment Resources

From awareness to enrollment, promotional product solutions can help you build deeper, stronger connections with prospective students at every touchpoint. But promo only works when it’s strategic and thoughtfully integrated. Here we’ve collected several resources to show you how schools we work with are implementing promotional product solutions to connect with prospective students in fun, memorable, and influential ways.

Smart Swag Works. We Have Data to Prove It.


Nearly half of students we surveyed said that promotional products had some influence on where they chose to attend school. And the #1 emotion promo creates? Excitement.

Download the full research report to see how thoughtful integration of promotional products can change the way students feel about your school.

project stories

See how we work with our clients to develop strategic, fully-integrated promotional product solutions that create results.  

Simmons Full Funnel: Success in Recruiting Students throughout Virtual Cycle

Simmons University found new ways to approach each aspect of the recruitment process with intention. For each phase of the recruitment cycle, they needed a plan in place to stay top of mind with prospective students, improve yield, and decrease summer melt.

Iowa State: Share in Celebration of College Acceptance

St. Bonaventure Pop-Up Card Promotes the Virtual Tour and Application

California University of Pennsylvania Engages Two Prospective Student Audiences with One Sticker Postcard

Rhodes College Includes a Promo Box to Build Affinity as Part of an Anti-melt Campaign

Bryn Mawr Admissions: Sharing Pieces of Culture with Sticker Sheets


Curated collections of product solutions to reach specific audiences, tackle unique challenges, and improve enrollment outcomes. 

Admissions Master Showroom

A collection of product solutions that span the entire enrollment funnel.

Yield and Anti Melt

Product solutions to help you keep admitted students engaged, connected, and excited.

Counselor Engagement Ideas

Creatively connect with counselors.

PPE Promotional Products

Products to help you stay safe and healthy during uncertain times.


Learn how to include the effectiveness of promotional product marketing in yield and anti-melt campaigns to keep deposited students interested and engaged with Steve Baker and Sarah Blake as they walk through examples of effective and impactful anti-melt strategies.

Yield and Anti-Melt Strategies with Promotional Products

Date: March 17, 2021 | Duration: 30 minutes


Articles and blog posts covering a variety of promotional product solutions, opportunities, and challenges in the recruitment, admissions, and enrollment space. 

Keep the Excitement Going with Committed Students

Deliver “Wow” Moments with Admit Packs Enhanced with Promotional Products

Integrated Promotional Products in a New Era of Student Recruitment