University of Richmond Thanks Donors with Unique Socks


At the beginning of each fall semester, the University of Richmond Annual Giving team launches a kickoff campaign to mark the start of a new academic and fiscal year. They were looking for a fun and unique way to inspire school pride and encourage alumni and parents to make a gift.


The University of Richmond Annual Giving team worked with Magellan on creating a fun sock package as a follow-up thank you gift. The Annual Giving team leaned into using unique artwork for their entire new year kickoff campaign that featured an iconic spot on campus with illustrations of a lake, gazebo, and ducks. This artwork was included on all parts of the package that donors received, including the full color mailing envelope, thank you card insert and socks. The socks also subtly included their spider mascot on the bottom of the socks. While the artwork was not traditional University of Richmond colors and logos, it uniquely resonated with their donors as a reminder of their campus experience, thus becoming a cherished piece. Alyssa Adriansen, Magellan Director of Accounts, said early on she recognized that their detailed artwork would show up better on a sublimated sock rather than a knit sock they had used in the past, so they were able to switch the sock type and create a fantastic looking sock!


The sock campaign was a huge success! University of Richmond saw a 25% increase in donors compared to the kickoff campaign they executed the year prior. Sending out the sock packs was a wonderful way to show gratitude to the donors and thank them with these limited-edition socks. The messaging played up some fun sock puns, “You are the heart and sole of Richmond…Wear them with pride knowing you’ve helped Spiders on the path to sock-cess.”

Morgan Harrell, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving at the University of Richmond, said “Our alumni, parents, and students loved these socks! Working with Magellan was a breeze and we were so happy with the quality of the socks.” 


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