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Titus Talent Strategies Wows Staff with Promo Merch for the Exclusive CEO Circle Event


To honor their highest performing team members, Titus Talent Strategies created CEO Circle. The team members invited to CEO Circle (along with a guest) are treated to an exotic getaway for rest, relaxation, and celebration.

To help celebrate and bring a feeling of community to CEO Circle, Titus incorporates promo merch into the event in two strategic ways. First, as the Titus staff is mainly remote and spread across the US, the attendees receive items at their homes ahead of the conference to build excitement around the gathering. Second, promo merch is integrated into the experience at CEO Circle.

For CEO Circle in January of 2022, there were a number of important factors involved to ensure successful integration into the event in Mexico, including:

  1. The products needed to be fresh and different since a portion of the team members had attended in the past.
  2. Products needed to be high quality to showcase Titus’ gratitude.
  3. Titus gave the group the opportunity to select products of their choice to increase their buy-in and appreciation.
  4. The promo merch sent to the attendees ahead of the conference needed to be delivered with a “wow” experience.
  5. With the 2022 conference in Mexico, the products needed to be delivered with enough time to allow for customs review.
  6. This project was fulfilled in late 2021 and early 2022, at the height of the supply chain challenges, so the product solutions and fulfillment timing needed to be planned carefully to ensure on-time delivery.



The team at Magellan Promotions strategized with Titus to create a solution that not only met all the project parameters but exceeded them. The two phases of the project each had their own unique challenges that needed to be solved.

Pre-Conference Engagement

When the CEO Circle attendees were selected, they received an email congratulating them on their success and inviting them to the event. Included in the email was a link to an online store where they could pick out a sweatshirt and a hat for themselves and their guest. To ensure the attendees would have a wide selection to choose from, there were four sweatshirts for men, four for women, and five hat options. The apparel and hat brands included Nike, Ogio, Ahead, and New Era.

Each attendee’s selection was produced ahead of the event. To create a “wow” delivery experience, the products were sorted for each attendee, professionally packed and delivered in a full color printed box (on the inside and out), allowing for a full CEO Circle branding opportunity. When the box was opened, a welcome note from the CEO was printed on the underside of the box top, providing a unique way to share appreciation and information at no additional cost. Additionally, a CEO Circle luggage gripper was included for the attendees to proudly put on their suitcases for their travel to Mexico.

At-Conference Engagement

When the attendees arrived at the resort, they were treated to high quality and thoughtful CEO Circle merch in their rooms. The CEO Circle branded products included a high-end canvas boat tote to carry belongings to the pool or beach, a coveted Contigo travel mug, a neoprene can insulator to keep drinks cold, and a handy quick-dry beach towel.


The execution of the project went off without a hitch and was delivered on time. The attendees raved about the products, loving that they could choose their apparel and hat, and the CEO Circle products could be seen all over the resort during the event. Titus Talent Strategies invests heavily to make sure the CEO Circle is a special event and the promo merch component played an integral role in helping make this year’s event a success.

titus promo merch
titus promo merch

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