St. Bonaventure Pop-Up Card Promotes the Virtual Tour and Application

While campus was closed at St. Bonaventure University, the admissions team was looking for a captivating way to increase viewership of their virtual tour and also generate applications.

The solution needed to be something compelling to pique students’ curiosity and move them to take action. The team at Magellan Promotions helped solve this challenge by incorporating a 3D pop-up card, which is a modern twist on a traditional greeting card, into the school’s outreach strategy.

The pop-up card provided prospective students with a small three-dimensional rendering of campus that captured their attention and gave a sense of what campus looks like. The illustrations of the university’s location, campus buildings, and iconic landmarks enhanced the impact of the message and increased the amount of time a reader interacted with the card. The pop-up card was fully customized with the school’s unique brand colors and logo on the outside. On the inside, in addition to the pop-up features, direct messaging with a call to action to watch the tour and apply were incorporated through included QR codes.

Mailed to prospective students in an imprinted envelope, this fun, engaging, and impactful card provided a way to create a physically engaging interactive moment that complemented the university’s email and digital marketing campaigns.

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