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Simmons University Pairs Products with Admitted Student Collateral in One Kit

Simmons University was seeking a fun and engaging way to help their admitted students celebrate their acceptance while also providing them with vital information they would need in order to successfully complete the enrollment process. The Magellan Promotions team collaborated with Simmons to create an admitted student kit that made a strong first impression, had incorporated long-lasting and appreciated swag while at the same time being informative. This solution only helped create excitement as admitted students received the mailer, and increased the likelihood that the essential enrollment information would be reviewed and retained.

Packaged in a branded bubble mailer with celebratory messaging, the kit included an admitted student guide, branded knit beanie, sticker sheet, folded poster, and card promoting admitted student events. Beanies are a popular unisex apparel option that students would use in Boston’s fall and winter seasons. The sticker sheet’s prominent call-to-action was focused on getting students to deposit, and providing engaging stickers they could display to celebrate their acceptance and show off their school pride.

To help streamline and make the process easy for Simmons, our team also coordinated the printing of the brochure, poster, and card, and handled all of the kitting. Each kit was pre-assembled and sent to the school so that the admissions team would be able to include each student’s admissions letter and mail them from the university as needed.

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