Taylor University Builds Connections and Gains Visibility with Mailable Yard Signs During COVID-19

Taylor University in the spring of 2020 wanted to engage and keep current students feeling connected with the campus. This was during COVID and the students were studying at home, so it was really important for Taylor University to keep the student’s connection strong with the university.   

The polybag mailable yard sign proved to be a perfect option. These yard signs let these students showcase their pride and provided a physical daily reminder of their education choice. The mailable polybag yard sign option was a good choice because it allowed Taylor University to easily distribute the signs to all their students.  Using elements from an integrated messaging campaign, the sign included graphics showcasing well-known places on campus along with the hashtag #NotDefinedByGeography.  As an additional benefit, the yard signs are not only viewed by students, but they build awareness and affinity amongst their neighborhoods as they are viewed multiple times by passers-by.    

To efficiently pack and mail the signs directly to the students, Taylor University took advantage of the fulfillment and mail services provided by Magellan Promotions. 

Taylor University knew quickly that the signs were a success because as the signs arrived at homes, students and families started posting photos on social media proudly displaying them.  

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