Vivent Health Launched a New Brand and Empowered Employees Using Promotional Products

When the AIDS Resource of Wisconsin (ARCW) expanded their footprint to other states across the country, the organization went through a rebrand, which included changing the name to Vivent Health. The organization needed to generate excitement among employees, known as “Champions,” while rolling out the name and logo in multiple locations across the country, and to new locations as they grew.


Promotional products offer a complimentary way to raise brand awareness and gain greater exposure within a target audience, which is perfect for branding campaigns. They are especially effective at keeping the staff unified when undergoing a branding change.


Knowing this, the team at Magellan Promotions teamed up to create a solution with the right products to help promote the new brand and bring employees together. The items selected needed to be usable, long-lasting, and able to prominently showcase the great looking new logo.


After the brand launched, each Champion received a Vivent Health-logoed cotton bag, which included a jacket, water bottle, sticker sheet, pens, and a pad of note paper. Mike Gifford, President and Chief Executive Officer, shares that “while our rebranding brought four organizations from across the country under a single umbrella, it was the promotional materials that much more quickly helped make us one!”


Gifford also noted that the jackets were so popular that people immediately began putting them on, sharing that they are “the best tool for ambassadorship” they’ve had. While wearing them in public, the jackets have proven to be conversation-starters, with people asking, “What is Vivent Health?” Products like high-quality padfolios and pens have become mainstays at desks, while the water bottle and stickers continue to be used and displayed, which further brand awareness.


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