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Custom Branded Socks Are a Runaway Hit

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary way to grab attention? Then consider outrageously popular, incomparably comfortable, logoed socks. This trend is generating huge excitement from those who receive them.

And as the giver, you’ll find using socks as a promotion is easy. Simply share your ideas with us and our design team will produce mockups for you to review and approve before placing your order. If you want to supply your own artwork, we’ll provide a template that your designer can use.

Why are socks so popular for promotional use?

In recent years, fun socks have been popping up at retail, on fashion websites and wherever folks are out having a good time. What makes them great as giveaways or fundraisers?

  • Fun factor – makes people smile, excited, first step to a successful campaign.
  • Trendy – people love showing off their fun socks.
  • Customization – decorate with logos, mascots and more.
  • Visibility – constantly seen by their owners, friends and strangers.
  • One size fits all – no inventory headaches.
  • Practical – everyone wears socks.
  • Longevity – they can last for months or years.

So many options. Here’s what we recommend.

There are tons of sock options out there … from thin to thick, dye sublimated to woven, business to athletic. Our most popular style is the woven knit socks that are calf height. Here’s why we recommend them:

  1. Logos are part of the sock material, so the artwork does not fade when worn.
  2. Made with comfortable cotton or cotton blend.
  3. Mid-calf length, so they can be worn with khakis, suits or jeans.
  4. They are versatile. You can wear them to work, school or a casual outing.
  5. The fabric is not too thin or thick – it’s just right.

Some considerations when ordering socks:

  1. Who is receiving the socks? If the audience is younger, play up the fun with caricature mascots and fun designs. If the audience is older, use more traditional logos or designs.
  2. Packaging – for additional marketing space and/or a call to action, add a hangtag or belly band to the pair of socks. This provides retail appeal as well as a finished presentation.

Talk to us about your ideas to incorporate socks into your next promotion. We’d be happy to discuss creative ways to maximize your promotional efforts using custom branded socks.

Socks FAQ’s

You’re ready to order socks to keep your customer’s feet warm? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re thinking about your options:

Knit-In versus Printed: We’re big fans of the traditional, knit-in business-style sock. But that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be the best option! Depending on your artwork, you have two options for your design – either knit-in or printed. Knit in designs work well when you have a limited number of colors, usually around four, and a logo that doesn’t have a lot of super small details.

If your logo does a have a lot of small detail or needs a full color print, then you’re going to want to go with a printed sock instead.

Business versus Athletic: There are two main styles of socks – business and athletic. Athletic socks are a thicker knit with more cushion. Business socks are a more traditional, thinner knit sock.

Sock Height: Ankle! Calf! Knee! Our most popular socks are all calf height socks, but we also have ankle and knee height as well. Your Account Manager can get you additional information on the variety of styles.

Sock Size: Some of our sock varieties come in multiple sizes, others are one size fits most. If you are looking for socks in a specific size, notify your Account Manager and they can point you in the right direction. Generally, athletic socks are sized, and business socks are one size fist most.

Production Times: Minimum production time on custom socks is generally about three weeks. If you have more time, we have additional production options which may decrease your cost.

Hang Tags: Want to give your socks a more retail look? On some varieties of our socks, we can add custom hang tags at the top, adding some retail flair to your gift.

Socks with a Cause: One of the coolest options we have is from our production partner, Your City Sports. For every pair of socks that you buy, Your City will donate a pair to a non-profit homeless shelter in your area. This is a great way to pay it back to your community! In addition, each pair of socks explains how the program works so your clients will see how you’re also giving back to your community.

Socks Templates

Knit Sock
Knit Sock Hang Tag

Socks Case Studies

Columbia College Chicago – Admissions Department

Audience: Deposited/committed students

We utilized a fun design students would appreciate. Pizza and Chicago are practically synonymous. Committed students received the socks in specially branded envelopes Magellan Promotions produced. A social campaign leveraged the hashtag #pizzasocks. All fulfillment, including batch shipping, was done by Magellan Promotions so the client could simply enjoy the positive feedback and great results.

“The #pizzasocks were a wonderful item for our committed students. They got some play in social media, and students made a point of wearing them to campus events. They were a great conversation starter, and a good, quirky fit for our institutional culture.” – Andrew, Senior Director of New Student Enrollment

Hamline University – Admissions Department

Audience: Deposited students

“Every student I’ve talked to loves the socks! Our student employees say they see students wearing them around campus all the time. One student even had a friend ‘borrow’ them and never return them because she liked them so much! Students have also commented on the high quality and that they like the way they fit.” – Holly, Associate Director

University of Georgia – College of Engineering

Audience: Donors

“We love the socks! We’ll be using them as gifts to major donors to the College, and we have already gotten great feedback on them from everyone who has seen them. We wanted something we hadn’t used before, and these were a great choice. We also love the customizable hang tags – everyone has loved the tagline we put on it. They turned out great!” – Kim, Alumni Relations & Development Associate

Socks Design Examples

Socks Social Media Examples