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All things considered, there are few products that are seen, touched and used on a daily basis more than a person’s smartphone. Over the past 10 years they have become a part of the human experience.

So naturally marketers are always looking to find products to get their name and logo on a phone because it is always in arm’s length from whomever their target audience is.  A recent study showed the average millennial touches their phone 157 times a day and this is likely a close number for other generations as well.  The promotional products that have succeeded in integrating with smartphones are items that get put on the back of the phone that add value to the user’s experience.  From adding a spot to put money to improving how the user holds the phone, the products that users appreciate and use are items that enhance the experience.  In return for improving the user’s experience, the promotional product then gets to be seen by the user thousands of times a year.  Not only does the user see the logo, but the promotional product will be noticed by their friends and community as well, making the user a brand ambassador.

We continue to monitor new phone related products to add to our recommended product mix.  Our job is to stay on top of this growing and important promotional product marketing space.

To check out our recommended product mix, click HERE. For case studies and more information, see the icons for complete information.

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Back of Phone FAQ’s

So, you’re ready to order a promotional product that will go on the back of a phone. Here are a few things you should think through before ordering.

Custom Cards: Many of our back of phone options allow for custom marketing cards, instead of the stock options that they are generally packaged with. This includes the popsocket and the sling grip. Interested in this option? Let your Account Manager know!

Multi-Color Imprints: Having a promotional product on the back of a phone is a great marketing tool for your organization. Take advantage of this great space by doing more than just a one-color imprint. Some items (including the sling grip) even come with a standard full color imprint! The more creative you are, the bigger impact your item will make.

Custom Colors: Are you ordering a high quantity? Some of our items can be made in custom colors once you’re ordering over 1,000 pieces – including the phone wallet. PMS match the phone wallet at no additional charge. Not doing a high quantity but want to PMS match your item? Do a white popsocket, and use your imprint as the background color, and have your logo show through in white.

Residue: Don’t worry about the residue left by our back of phone items! We have tested each and every one to make sure that the adhesive will hold onto a phone well, but it won’t damage the phone when it is removed. Some are event meant to come on and off repeatedly, like the silicone phone grip and the Digiclean.

There are a lot of options on items that you can do on the back of a phone. Check out our most popular items in the pricing tab, and contact your Account Manager to place an order today.

Back of Phone Templates

Popsocket - Custom Card
PlusWipe Stock Designs
Sling Grip
Sling Grip Custom Card - Business Card
Sling Grip Custom Card - Front
Sling Grip Custom Card - Back

Back of Phone Case Studies

Sling Grip – Oglethorpe University – Admissions – Debbie Aiken, Director of Extended Learning

“I chose the Sling Grips because they are a unique crowd-pleaser. Everyone has a cell phone and they are a fun item for college-aged students. The feedback has been great – everyone loves them and says they can’t hold their phone without it now. I also like that they are small and light and easy to take when traveling to college fairs. I appreciate the ability to customize the card. The Sling Grip is a product the student will use for an extended period of time, so they will show it off to others and share the Oglethorpe brand.

Phone Wallet – UWM Student Success Center – Colin Daly, Director of New Student Programs

We ordered these wallets for our incoming students as a way to welcome them to the community and thought it would be a great way to get our brand out there. It was awesome that we were able to get our school colors pantone matches on the product. The students loved these and a lot of the staff were envious that they didn’t get them.

PopSocket – University of Northern Iowa – College of Business – Debbie Meyer, Dean’s Office

“We use the PopSockets as gifts for alumni and donors.  They’re awesome to have on the back of your phone for propping it up and holding on to it!”

Back of Phone Design Examples

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