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showing affiliation through branded merch

Why I Wanted MBD Gear – A Surge In Merch

Showing affiliation through branded merch Last year my inlaws turned me on to the Morning Brew Daily podcast. It is a quick, 25-minute weekday podcast that features a millennial and Gen Z’er going through six business stories. I quickly became hooked –loved their energy, insights and found the topics interesting. And I quickly began sharing what I learned on MBD with others.        When they recently started offering merch, I wanted to get it for three reasons. First, I love referring people to the pod. This was another way for me

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Using Innovation to Reduce the Cost of Yard Sign Mailings

Reduce the Cost of Yard Sign Mailings Innovation is one of our four EPIC core values (Expertise, Partnerships, Innovation, Courageous) so we continually challenge ourselves to create innovative solutions for our clients’ needs. Colleges often give out yard signs to committed incoming students and love giving our yard signs for two key reasons: Yard signs let students and parents showcase their pride in the college decision.   The sign is a billboard in the yard, building awareness which becomes an endorsement for the college.   However, the distribution of the signs is

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Slate Silver Partnership

Celebrating Our New Slate Silver Partner Status

Slate Silver Partnership We are thrilled to announce that Magellan Promotions is now a Slate Silver Partner! This move underlines our dedication to enhancing the world of higher ed through strategic branded merchandise solutions. This new partnership with Slate, the leading CRM in higher education, enables us to enhance admissions and advancement campaigns for our clients. By integrating branded merch seamlessly with Slate, we help deliver a physical and digital approach through automated comm flows.  “We are truly excited about this partnership, what this means to our collegiate clients and

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4 day

Four-Day Workweek: Sailing Ahead

We’re excited to share the latest chapter in our four-day workweek journey at Magellan Promotions. Following a successful pilot phase, which ended earlier this month, we’ve decided to extend this initiative, continuously monitoring key metrics to ensure its longevity.  This journey has been an enlightening process, not just in how to find efficiencies, but also in reinforcing our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Adopting a four-day workweek required us all to think differently about how we work, leading to more focused and efficient practices. We’ve refined our workflows (we

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Overcome FAFSA delays

Pivoting Strategies With the FAFSA Delay

Overcome FAFSA delays If recruiting college students (and students deciding on what colleges to attend) wasn’t hard enough, this year got much more complicated with the delay of both the FAFSA application and getting data out to colleges. Given the continued delays and uncertainties that this created, it’s fair to say that everyone is in a suboptimal situation! There is added stress on the entire system, from colleges navigating how to yield a class with delayed financial information to families trying to make a significant financial decision with limited information. 

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CRM Marketing Automation Challenges in Higher Ed

Addressing the Shortcomings of CRM Marketing Automation in College Student Recruitment

The rise of marketing automation has revolutionized communication flows, making it easier  to engage with audiences more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Through the seamless integration of software and technology, universities can streamline their marketing efforts across various channels, from email and social media to website interactions and beyond. However, that often does not include a physical interaction–and that is the problem. A well-rounded multi-channel marketing plan includes a number of key ways to connect with audiences. Much is written about the buyer journey, but college recruitment is a

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Postage Permits

We are happy to mail using a client’s USPS non-profit number. Here are a few best practices for this to go smoothly. Let our team know up front on the project so we can make sure to get the information we need right away. 

While our mail house does prefer to use their permit number for the mailing, we can use the client’s permit, If using their permit number, ensure there is enough postage to cover the mailing.

The information we need to in order to use a client’s nonprofit number includes the following:

Formatting the Mailing List

Our account team will advise on specific requirements for your project’s mailing list.  We generally recommend these best practices to format the mailing list: