New & Trending Products for 2022

custom promotional products

Each January, our team is super excited to attend the PPAI EXPO in Las Vegas where we explore the new and trending products in the industry. We commit to staying on top of trends and identifying products that are not just fun and/or cool, but will help build and strengthen communities for their targeted audiences. After each EXPO, our team creates a list of our favorite new and trending products. For 2022, we really liked 13 items, so instead of the usual top 10 list, we broke the mold and expanded the list! 

There are two options to learn about what products we came up with and why.

  1. Webstore – To view each product with individual product descriptions and pricing or to purchase featured items, visit our 2022 New and Trending Products store.  
  2. Webinar – For full context as to why we chose each item and to learn ideas on how to integrate them into campaigns, watch the short webinar that Steve Baker and Michael Wolaver recorded on February 24, 2022.

In addition to this list, our team identified overall industry trends. We shared these in our recent Promo Merch Trends and Other Observations blog post.   

Contact us for samples or to discuss how to integrate these new and trending promotional products into your marketing plans.


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