Less Expensive Sticker Sheet Now Available for Smaller Quantities!

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Like the idea of custom sticker sheets but surprised at the cost? Well, we are excited to announce a new sticker sheet option that is lower in price!

Magellan Promotions looked for a way to provide a less expensive option to those ordering smaller quantities of sticker sheets and found that, by using digital printing for lower quantities, there is a savings as much as 20% on our popular full page, half page, and no. ten envelope size sticker sheets. In general, a lower quantity is defined as fewer than 2,500 sheets for the full-page size sticker sheet.


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We call the new lower-priced option for lower quantities our “Standard” Sticker Sheet. At higher quantities, offset printing is still the best value, and that product is called our “Premium” Sticker Sheet. To understand the difference between our standard and premium options, we have put together this chart to explain how digital printing differs from offset printing.

Digital Printing (Standard Sticker Sheets) Offset Printing (Premium Sticker Sheets)
  • Less expensive in lower quantities
  • Cost-effective at higher quantities
  • Glossy finish
  • Matte finish
  • Not as high resolution but still provides very nice stickers
  • Higher resolution for detailed art and realistic photos
  • Prints only on one side
  • Can print on both sides

A few things that are similar about both the Standard and Premium Sticker Sheets is that we are able to include numerous die-cut stickers and marketing information on the sheet. They are all union-printed in the USA as well.

To see the pricing for the standard and premium versions, please visit our web site sticker pages. To see physical samples of each version, contact us.

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