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Keep the Excitement Going with Committed Students

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There has never been a collegiate recruitment cycle more challenging than this one for many institutions. Yielding a class was already difficult before COVID reared its ugly head. Now recruitment offices need to meet their recruitment goals while having to shift to new tactics.  

While digital communication has its place and purpose, a comprehensive marketing plan needs to include opportunities for physical connections. During COVID, promotional products provide an opportunity to create long-term physical connections. As our proprietary research demonstrated, promotional products integrated into the recruitment process are influential in decision-making and create excitement and engagement that digital communication cannot replicate.  

Successfully integrating promotional products into a recruitment cycle needs to be a thoughtful process. To influence and be memorable, the solution needs to be authentic and have calls to action built into the marketing.  

Here are a few of our favorite examples of innovative and imaginative ways colleges are integrating promotional products for their yield and anti-melt initiatives.

UGA School of Law Helps Admitted Students Connect with Campus
UGA School of Law Helps Admitted Students Connect with Campus


Pop Up Cards Connect Prospect with Campus

The University of Georgia School of Law connected with admitted students during COVID-19 by using a pop-up card that featured iconic features on campus. This eye-catching and interactive solution is impactful, memorable and sure to be kept by its recipients.  Check out the full story and video of the pop-up card in action!


Sticker Sheet Shares Culture at Bryn Mawr

Culture matters at Bryn Mawr College. It’s both a reflection of the institution’s history and community, as well as a beacon for new and future Mawrters. As the college welcomed admitted students this spring, Bryn Mawr developed a thoughtful, fun, and interactive sticker sheet that shared multiple elements of the community and culture. On one side, Bryn Mawr assembled a collection of beautifully designed stickers. The other side shared a sincere message of welcome and shed some light on the significance of the graphics shown on the front. Read the full story behind why this was an impactful piece.


Mailing Flags to Committed Students 

Drake University admissions wanted to help new students maintain their level of excitement over the summer by helping them express their pride in the university. The product needed to be noticeable, durable, visible, and mailable. Drake choose a 2’ x 3’ flag that prominently featured their signature mascot. The flag easily was packaged in a polybag with an enclosed card. Learn the complete story behind this project.


Rhodes College Promo Box

As part of their anti-melt strategy during COVID-19,  Rhodes College built affinity with deposited students over the summer by mailing a branded box with promotional products. Included in the package were a touchless safety key, embroidered key tag, ceramic mug, mints, and a sticker sheet. The Magellan team coordinated the fulfillment and mailed each box directly to the students. Find out the full story behind this project.

View our full list of project stories to get additional ideas of how others are incorporating promotional products into their campaigns.  

There are hundreds of ways to provide impactful and memorable experiences through promotional product marketing solutions. To view popular product options to integrate into campaigns, visit our Yield & Anti-Melt Engagement showroom.  The process does not need to be difficult, but for it to be powerful it needs to be authentic, well-designed, and built into the overall communication flow.

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