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Making an Impact on #GivingTuesday

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Each year, the team at Magellan Promotions gets involved with Giving Tuesday by donating to causes and charities that we find important. In addition to the individual donations, Magellan matched each gift, for a total of more than $1,782 in donations to these organizations. Here’s a look at where we donated and why we support these great organizations.

Allies for Teens in Foster Care Giving Tuesday
Supported by Michael

My college friend, Allison Byrne, started this grassroots organization when she learned the tremendous challenges that teenage foster children face, including that 20% are instantly homeless when they age out of foster care. As she learned more about the challenges these teenagers faced, she dug in and created this organization. I am so proud of her and excited to support their mission!

Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha County Chapter Giving Tuesday
Supported by Rachel

I chose to support the local chapter of Blessings in a Backpack to help combat food insecurity for kids in area schools. Blessings in a Backpack mobilizes communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for school-aged children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

Coalition for Children, Youth & FamiliesGiving Tuesday
Supported by Michael

This local organization provides much needed support for individuals and families involved in foster care and adoption. As their saying goes, “Every Child Needs a Champion. Every Champion Needs Support,” and as a parent, I understand how it takes a village to raise a healthy child. We used CCYF when we adopted our boys for support and they do wonderful work for the community.

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Giving Tuesday
Supported by Alyssa

I chose to support the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation this year. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to finding cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. It’s amazing to see the progress made in the past few decades with new medicines and treatments for these diseases. Our support will help fund research into even better treatments and hopefully a cure one day!

Humane Society of Charlotte Giving Tuesday
Supported by Katie

I chose to donate to the Charlotte Humane Society in memory of my dog, Allie. My husband and I adopted her in 2008 from the Charlotte Humane Society when she was 8 months old. She was from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands and was brought to the US as part of a partnership pet rescue mission. She passed away this year, at 15 years old, and in her memory and through our donation, I hope we can help other rescue dogs find their forever homes. 

Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin
Supported by Dan

For Giving Tuesday, my wife and I chose Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin for the second year in a row. My father-in-law does volunteering with them and noted the good work they do. He sees firsthand how donation dollars go toward helping those in need so we are happy to help ensure those less fortunate have this basic necessity.

Supported by Amy

For the third year in a row, I’m donating to METAvivor in memory of my incredible friend, Linnea. METAvivor is dedicated to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. While more and more people have taken up the cry for more stage 4 research, METAvivor remains the sole US organization dedicated to awarding annual stage 4 breast cancer research. Their mission is to transition metastatic breast cancer from a terminal diagnosis to a chronic, manageable disease with a decent quality of life.

Pets Helping People
Supported by Sarah B.

I donated to Pets Helping People, an organization that trains handler/pet therapy teams to serve in a variety of placements. PHP believes that dogs can be a remarkable source of companionship, inspiration and motivation – and can play an important role in promoting health, healing, socialization and learning. They provide training for compassionate dog owners and their big hearted dogs to go into the community and spread the love. PHP partners w/ organizations and facility directors who care to do more for the people they serve. Their partners believe in the healing power of a cold nose and a wagging tail. Working together, they create joy and inspiration for the more than 5,000 people they reach annually in the southeastern section of WI through their independent certified handler/pet teams. They reach an additional 5,000 people with their group pet therapy events.

Racine Public Library
Supported by Jen

This Giving Tuesday, I’m delighted to support the Racine Public Library, a cornerstone of our community for over 125 years. With over 245,000 visits annually, the library goes beyond traditional roles, tackling issues like homelessness and mental health. Their recent Techmobile project and second-floor renovation underscore their dedication to diverse community needs. My son’s participation in the chess club and Battle of the Books program exemplifies the library’s broad and impactful programming. Supporting the library helps continue its legacy of growth and inclusive community service. This contribution helps sustain these crucial programs and fosters a nurturing environment where everyone can learn, grow, and connect. The library has been a constant in our lives, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back.

Roots Ethiopia
Supported by Michael

Started by another Wisconsin adoptive family, Roots Ethiopia supports Ethiopian families succeeding in work and school through supporting and creating a number of self-help initiatives. The long term vision is focusing on proactive, sustainable projects that are based on local wisdom and experience. Roots Ethiopia gives form to supporting Ethiopians helping Ethiopians, anchored in a partnership that values culturally-appropriate, forward-thinking ways.

Sip & Purr Cat Café
Supported by Audrey

Sip and Purr partners with Lakeland Animal Shelter to help homeless cats find their forever homes, and they are also the only cat cafe in America that routinely accepts international,  non-traditional, at-risk cats into their adoption program. I chose them because my cat was a stray and has enriched my life so much, and I’d like to help other strays find their fur-ever homes.

WUWM and Radio Milwaukee
Supported by Michael

Both of these stations are my ‘go to’ resources, one for news and learning, other for great music. We work with both of these stations, providing branded merch for their fundraising campaigns, making it an extra easy reason to donate!

Women’s Sports Foundation
Supported by Sarah S.

I chose to donate to the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) to unlock the possibilities of every girl and woman through the power of sport. I owe much of my resiliency, confidence, and strength to my time spent playing sports at a young age and into adulthood. I am a firm believer that sports can help women realize their full potential. The WSF was established in 1974 and provides financial fuel to aspiring champion athletes, funds groundbreaking research, and educates and advocates for young athletes.

The Magellan team is glad to have the opportunity to help so many worthy organizations in our community and beyond.

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