Culture Teams

Building and fostering a strong culture is a priority for Magellan Promotions.

We recognize that in order for us to provide an exceptional experience to our clients, we must first create exceptional experiences for our fellow Magellan Promotions teammates.To help us constantly pursue this goal, we created Culture Teams that address a number of facets in building a strong culture. Here is a brief description of each team:

To bond and celebrate together, this team gathers the Magellan Promotions staff around various holidays, birthdays, and celebrations throughout the year.
This group has the fun task of putting on entertaining internal events that further build our staff’s personal relationships with each other and their families.
Identifies and sets up opportunities throughout the year for the Magellan Promotions team to volunteer in the community. In addition, this group plans our Day of Giving and identifies organizations for us to donate to.
IDEA (Inclusive, Diversity, Equity, Access)
A group committed to building a team that embraces diversity, pursues equity, and develops an inclusive environment.
Dedicated to providing a work environment that supports all dimensions of wellness and provides initiatives to the team.
Welcomes new employees to the Magellan Promotions team, sets them up for success in their new role, and integrates them into the company.

These Culture Teams help support a strong culture internally and lead Magellan Promotion team members to feel connected to the mission of the organization. That connection means an even stronger drive to create solutions for our clients that help them build community with their target audience.