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high school influencers in college recruitment

Influencers in College Recruitment: My Personal Story

Collegiate recruitment is a challenging endeavor. Colleges have traditionally relied on influencers such as high school counselors to help attract prospective students. However, in a landscape where many institutions use this same pathway, standing out and making a lasting impression can be difficult. When collaborating with our clients, one approach that hasn’t received as much attention in reaching influencers at high schools is strategically connecting with individuals who engage with students in their fields of interest. While high school curricula may not offer the same diversity as colleges, students often

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Unpacking CIVSA: Key Themes and Promo Items for Engaging College Tours

The recent Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association (CIVSA) conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about enhancing college tours with unique branded merch, thereby making these tours even more engaging and effective. Several standout themes and promotional items caught our attention – let’s dive right into the takeaways!  Shoe-In Success: Footwear Steps Up in Outfitting  Who said tour guides’ attire has to be ‘pedestrian’? While outfitting tour guides with apparel has been a long-standing practice, colleges can now add a novel twist. Beyond the regular sublimated apparel, one

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direct mail for college recruitment

Make Direct Mail Even More Effective with Merch

With so much attention focused on the ever-changing digital and social landscape, traditional marketing methods don’t seem to get as much love these days. Even highly-effective tactics like direct mail stay at the bottom of the priority list for those who remain convinced digital is superior in every way (spoiler alert: it’s not). Direct mail for college recruitment (especially when combined with branded merch) is still one of the most effective ways to encourage prospective student engagement, build positive relationships, and motivate action. It’s a missed opportunity. Direct mail is

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college enrollment promo success

College Enrollment Success Amidst Uncertainty

It wasn’t that long ago that I worked for a college president who would lightheartedly lament May 1 as the day that the mercurial decisions of 17-19 year olds could determine the fate of an institution (or at least its financial wellbeing). College enrollment success is by no means an easy feat at any time, but in these uncertain days, anticipating its achievement is especially fraught with concern. I suspect no small number of admissions professionals would joyfully embrace that familiar unpredictability if it were the only unknown during this

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