Cassi Dreyer Account Team

We take a team approach to serving our clients. While Cassi is your Account Manager, here is the team that is here to help you be successful. 

Project Lead

Cassi Dreyer - Account Manager

Role - Primary contact for your projects by learning your challenges and creating proposals with creative solutions.


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Follow Up Support

Audrey Schlicht - Senior Account Coordinator

Role: Follows up on project proposals and previous orders, manages production questions and issues, ensures on-time delivery and provides delivery information.

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Artwork Design

Amy Pearson
Senior Graphic Designer

Role: Creates the artwork proofs for the logo to be best represented on the products and preps the art for production. Also available to help create a new design from scratch.

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Account Manager Backup Support

Sarah Blake - Account Manager

Role: Back-up Account Manager for Cassi when she is out.

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Accounting Support

Terri Kuhlman

Role: Invoices projects and answers all questions regarding payment.

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Michael Wolaver

Role: Sets direction of the company and ensures we are properly supporting our clients to help them effectively build and strengthen their communities.

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