Marketing Manager


The Marketing Manager is responsible for helping strategize and implement the Magellan Promotions marketing plan. The purpose of marketing at Magellan Promotions is to build brand awareness, position us as a thought leader, provide pathways for contacts to engage with us, and activate opportunities.    

This position will be responsible for helping create, write, direct and implement tactics that fulfill the purposes of marketing. The promotional product industry is a relationship business and this position will combine personal engagement marketing initiatives with broad reach, content rich, solution-based resources. 

This position may be 100% remote or located out of our corporate office in West Allis, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Full Description

The Marketing Manager is responsible for marketing the business for three purposes:

  1. Build affinity – Build awareness about our brand with new and existing contacts with the goal of being a trusted resource and partner.  
  2. Engagement – Take a relationship-based approach that creates opportunities for our contacts to engage with our Account Managers and sales team. 
  3. Conversions – Marketing creates targeted outreach campaigns to initiate project opportunities.    


These purposes are achieved through a number of marketing activities and tactics. This position puts together and successfully manages the marketing calendar where these initiatives are deployed. The main activities this role will be involved in are listed below.        

Mass Communication: The purpose of our mass email communications (including our monthly e-newsletters) are  to connect with contacts, showcase our expertise, and humanize the business. This position helps identify and create this content. 

Marketing Mailings: To physically demonstrate our expertise and showcase unique solutions, sending marketing mailings to our clients is imperative. These mailings are most effective when they provide pathways to solve specific client challenges. Mailings can include sending to large audiences, segmented groups, and individual campaigns. Marketing plans and helps execute these mailings on a regular basis.   

Content Marketing: Marketing creates solution-based content (sell sheets, presentations, blog posts, project stories, etc.) for the sales and account team to provide to targeted audiences and for strategic marketing initiatives.  

Strategic Initiatives: This role helps make strategic initiatives become a reality. This can include ideation, research, pricing, and creation of sales and marketing plans, content, and sales materials.

Conferences/Events/Webinars: Magellan Promotions attends and hosts conferences, events  and webinars throughout the year. This position helps create the marketing plan and strategy, manages the calendar, creates content, and oversees the success of each initiative. This role may attend conferences and participate in the webinars.  

Website Optimization: This position continually reviews the website for opportunities to add and update content, images, and improve the user experience. Actual updates to the HTML code on the website will be handled by our Web Developer.  

To be successful in this role, the Marketing Manager will coordinate and collaborate extensively with the sales and account team.  

At Magellan Promotions, professional development is a priority. We offer a number of opportunities to build on your skill sets and knowledge base. These opportunities include attending conferences, webinars, and more.  

To increase company engagement and build a positive work experience, all team members are highly encouraged to participate on our culture teams. These teams meet regularly and are an important component of our success.  

Measuring Success 

Marketing’s role is to provide actionable and helpful campaigns that target our best opportunities to grow the business. Thus the success of marketing is measured mainly on the overall goals of sales.  In addition, marketing will also track metrics that show the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives.

This position reports to the Captain, Michael Wolaver.


Our preferred candidate has a proven successful track record in a marketing specific role for at least 5-10 years. Experience working in a marketing role for a promo merch agency, in fundraising, or in admissions on a college campus would be beneficial. A successful candidate will have clearly demonstrated experience creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy across a range of marketing activities. Since a number of responsibilities are project based, the candidate needs to have led projects that met/exceeded the objectives. With content creation a common component of the role, experience creating stories and writing narrative content with the goal of influencing the reader is a must. It will be beneficial for the candidate to have experience planning and executing marketing for events and using web data to drive actions. Lastly, a successful candidate will have proven success in autonomous situations as they will make their own schedule and keep themselves on track to hit the goals.   

Compensation & Benefits

Our starting salary for this role is $80K to $95K with an additional incentive bonus based off of company performance.  

The benefits at Magellan Promotions are set up with the employee in mind. We have a casual dress code, summer hours, paid volunteering time, flexible work hours with the expectation of normal business hours (usually around 40 hours a week). We offer generous paid time off and do not expect staff to check email when they are on vacation. In addition, we offer health care (including dental and vision), paid parental leave, matching 401K retirement plan, tuition and gym membership reimbursement, daycare subsidy, untimed bonuses, numerous paid holidays and more.  Staff is the lifeblood of the organization and we are constantly tweaking and improving our benefit offerings to improve the employee experience.  

How to Apply

 Email your resume and cover letter to with the subject heading “Marketing Manager – MP”. We look forward to hearing your interest in joining our team!