Position Summary

The mission of our business is to help our clients build, connect with and strengthen their communities through creative and engaging promotional product solutions. A high functioning Account Manager is a key component to helping achieve that mission. The best Account Managers are creative, professional and service-minded. The Account Manager position is a multi-faceted, dynamic role where daily, you actively manage numerous projects. The role includes scoping out information about client projects to come up with creative solutions, finalizing the project, coordinating production timelines and answering all questions along the way. This is a perfect position for a driven and organized individual who is a problem solver, loves helping others and truly values building strong relationships.  

This position will by a hybrid role, working remote and out of our corporate office in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee, WI.

Position Description

The Account Manager position is a perfect role for professionals who value relationships. Relationships are a core value at Magellan Promotions because we view our clients as partners, learning about their challenges and creating custom solutions to help them connect with and strengthen their communities. As an Account Manager, you are responsible for the overall satastication of your clients, helping them market effectively through our products and services. A successful Account Manager thrives in roles that involve components of sales, customer service, marketing and graphic arts.  At any given time, Account Managers are managing multiple projects that vary greatly in size, depth, scope and intricacy.  As our business works with clients across the United States, Account Managers are assigned a series of states and are the primary point of contact for existing and new clients in their territory.  

As a promotional product agency, we have a high touch with our contacts. While our contacts can peruse our website for product options, we encourage them to reach out to us and use our expertise to help find successful solutions.

With this high touch approach, the primary responsibility of an Account Manager is to scope out projects with clients, put together recommendations, help finalize the project details and place the orders with production.  The bulk of this work is often putting together the project recommendations and finalizing project details with the client.  To succeed, the Account Manager needs to do the following pieces of the role really well. 

Product Expertise – With over 800,000 promotional products to choose from, the Account Manager becomes an expert in the wide range of promotional product options, learning what products to recommend based on the purpose, audience, budget and solution. 

Innovative Solutions – Account Managers need to be creative to find innovative solutions to the challenges presented. Not all projects have straightforward products for the clients needs, so a successful Account Manager is able to use their expertise to uncover innovative solutions. 

Production Options – Magellan Promotions relies on our numerous production partners to imprint the products and deliver them on time. With a vast network of options to choose from, product availability and turnaround times from partners vary greatly. Thus the Account Manager needs to ensure the recommended solutions for each project can be delivered by the desired timeline.   

Project Framing – When the proposal is finalized, the Account Manager shapes framing on the recommended options, letting the client understand why we are excited about the options chosen and why our solution is the best option for our clients needs.

Division Of Project Workload

While the Account Manager is responsible for the overall success of each project, there are other key Magellan Promotions team members involved in each project.  

Graphic Artist – What makes it a promotional product is the imprint on the item, otherwise it is just a product. The imprint is never an afterthought, it is what makes it a marketing piece and creates the emotional connection from the brand to the recipient. Helping the client choose how best to imprint each product is a core function of Magellan Promotions. While the Account Manager is not the primary source for laying out the artwork on a product proof, they are engaged with our graphic artist to recommend ideas/options that best help our clients logo be appreciated and stand out in the manner desired. The Graphic Artist creates the product proof for each project and sends it over to the client for approval before the project goes into production.   

Account Coordinator – Account Managers are split into teams and each team includes a shared Account Coordinator that supports them in a few key ways:

  • Proposal follow up – After the Account Manager sends over a proposal on a project, the Account Coordinator follows up with the contact with the goal of moving the project to the next step.
  • Production oversight – When the artwork is approved, the Account Manager puts an order into production. At that point the Account Coordinator is responsible for coordinating with production to ensure all questions are answered. They also communicate important information with the client and ensure on-time delivery of the project.  


Beyond specific projects, the Account Manager gets involved in a number of activities. Since relationships are key, the Account Manager partners with our business development team to participate in onboarding and check-in calls with new and existing clients. As the Account Managers become experts on our products and solutions, they may be involved in presenting the company at industry conferences, webinars and other events. This potentially involves a few overnight trips with our business development team.  Lastly, the Account Managers may be involved in helping solve strategic projects to help move the business forward.  

After an initial training period, there is remote work opportunity for this position.  The Account Manager reports to the Director of Accounts.


The effectiveness of this role is measured in a number of ways. Account Managers play a large role in hitting our overall financial goals, so each Account Manager is tasked with helping the company meet the sales goal.  To monitor client satisfaction, our clients are surveyed annually using the Net Promoter Score. 

Professional Development

To keep their skills and knowledge up to date, the Account Manager are expected to be involved in the following: 

  • Take advantage of team trainings and opportunities to continually hone knowledge of promotional products and industry trends
  • Become an expert on the power of promotional product marketing 
  • Continually learn about our core audiences and their challenges
  • Regularly learn about our software, including the CRM, to maximize the use of the programs.  
  • Take advantage of opportunities to build upon other professional skills, including leadership and collaboration


Culture Teams

In addition to being an Account Manager, each team member participates in helping shape and create the culture at Magellan Promotions. Typically team members participate in planning on two culture teams and participate in our company wide activities. To learn more about our Culture Teams, go to https://www.magellanpromotions.com/culture-teams/

Qualifications and Characteristics 

Not everyone or every professional experience has the skill set to be a successful Account Manager. However we have had successful team members from a number of different backgrounds. Here are the qualifications and characteristics that help predict success: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field
  • Three to eight years in a professional setting with a main responsibility of providing high quality service to clients with outcomes of convincing audiences to be the chosen provider    
  • Experience working in a business-to-business company or in higher education is a plus.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication in a professional and clear manner
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Thrived in a role that was stressful and found way to manage the pressure 
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and deadlines
  • Working knowledge of CRM databases and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator is a plus


Characteristics we look for include:

  • Responsive
  • Helpful
  • Positive
  • Trustworthy
  • Team Player
  • Self-Starter
  • Relationship Builder
  • Organized
  • Solution Driven


Compensation & Benefits

This is a salary plus bonus position. The salary is based on applicable experience.

The benefits at Magellan Promotions are set up with the employee in mind. We have a casual dress code, summer hours, paid volunteering time, flexible work hours, expectation of normal business hours (usually around 40 hours a week). We offer generous paid time off and do not expect staff to ever check email when they are checked out. In addition, we offer health care (including dental and vision), paid maternity leave, matching retirement plan, gym membership reimbursement, untimed bonuses, numerous paid holidays and more.  Staff is the lifeblood of the organization and we are constantly tweaking and improving our benefit offerings to improve the employee experience.  

How to Apply

Email your resume and cover letter to jobs@magellanpromotions.com with the subject heading “Account Manager – MP“. We look forward to hearing your interest in joining our team!