5 P’s to Successfully Adding Branded Merch to Your Marketing

adding branded merch to your marketing plan

Are you just getting started in looking at adding branded merch to your marketing plan? Or maybe you’re already planning a campaign with promo merch and have incorporated promotional products before. Whether you are new to promo or have used it many times, it is helpful to consider these five things to successfully integrate promo […]

New & Trending Products for 2022

2022 new and trending products

Each January, our team is super excited to attend the PPAI EXPO in Las Vegas where we explore the new and trending products in the industry. We commit to staying on top of trends and identifying products that are not just fun and/or cool, but will help build and strengthen communities for their targeted audiences. […]

How Branded Merch Can Help
with Staff Retention

branded can merch help with staff retention

In 2022, one of the biggest topics continues to be the Great Resignation and the strategic imperatives that organizations need to implement to retain staff. As we all know, there are a number of inputs that affect retention. While the Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Y are all different, studies (and common sense) consistently […]

Promo Merch Trends and Other Observations

promo merch trends

The promotional product industry is constantly evolving with the types of products available. To stay on top of what is new and trending in the industry, every January our company attends the PPAI EXPO in Las Vegas (our industry’s largest trade show). At this event, our production partners showcase their product lines, giving us the […]

Make Direct Mail Even More Effective with Merch

direct mail for college recruitment

With so much attention focused on the ever-changing digital and social landscape, traditional marketing methods don’t seem to get as much love these days. Even highly-effective tactics like direct mail stay at the bottom of the priority list for those who remain convinced digital is superior in every way (spoiler alert: it’s not). Direct mail […]

The Powerful Combination of Print and Promo

print and promo

“It can be hard to tell a nuanced and moving story in a typically small imprint area of a promotional product. A printed piece can be a great vehicle for a story but does not have the emotional impact and staying power of swag. Together, print and promo products, the customer stories come to life […]