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My Personal List of Recommended Products Not Often Thought Of To Spur Donor Giving

Innovative Branded Merchandise for Donors Collegiate donors love branded merch. Donors have emotional connections to the brand and branded products allow them to show their pride. Thus branded merch serves as a  powerful fundraising incentive while showing appreciation.   The opportunity here is to offer fresh ideas that create excitement around giving campaigns. I have identified […]

The Power of Mailing Branded Merch at Four Key Enrollment Points

Mailing in the Enrollment Cycle

As college admissions plan for the next class, it is a perfect time to step back and review marketing tactics. The goals of recruitment marketing include building affinity, creating emotional connections and influencing the decision. Physical interactions are a powerful way to accomplish this. Mailing in the Enrollment Cycle Trend: Branded Merch in the Physical Mailbox […]

Magellan Promotions Named to PPAI 100 Distributors List for 2024

Magellan Promotions proudly announces our inclusion in the prestigious PPAI 100 list for 2024.

Magellan Promotions is proud to announce that we have been named to the PPAI 100 list for 2024. Extensively researched and objectively scored, PPAI 100 is the highest recognition Promotional Products Association International bestows on its members. The prestigious list ranks 100 exemplary distributors and 100 exemplary suppliers in the promotional products industry. The PPAI […]

Boosting Donations with Pet Branded Merch

Pet Branded Merchandise

Pet Branded Merchandise Pets have never been a bigger part of the American experience. From dog daycares and pet spas to pets joining their families on outings  to malls, bars and coffee shops, their presence is more prevalent than ever. Not only are we spending more on our pets, pet ownership has been trending upwards. […]

Why Branded Merch Choice Matters for Collegiate Recruitment

branded merch choice matters for collegiate recruitment

Branded merch choice matters for collegiate recruitment Remember going to the dentist as a child and choosing the toy of your choice after the cleaning (and hopefully no cavities)? By choosing the item, it increased your excitement and the value that you put on the item. When product choice is part of the college search […]

Why I Wanted MBD Gear – A Surge In Merch

showing affiliation through branded merch

Showing affiliation through branded merch Last year my inlaws turned me on to the Morning Brew Daily podcast. It is a quick, 25-minute weekday podcast that features a millennial and Gen Z’er going through six business stories. I quickly became hooked –loved their energy, insights and found the topics interesting. And I quickly began sharing […]

Postage Permits

We are happy to mail using a client’s USPS non-profit number. Here are a few best practices for this to go smoothly. Let our team know up front on the project so we can make sure to get the information we need right away. 

While our mail house does prefer to use their permit number for the mailing, we can use the client’s permit, If using their permit number, ensure there is enough postage to cover the mailing.

The information we need to in order to use a client’s nonprofit number includes the following:

Formatting the Mailing List

Our account team will advise on specific requirements for your project’s mailing list.  We generally recommend these best practices to format the mailing list: