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5 P’s to Successfully Adding Branded Merch to Your Marketing

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Are you just getting started in looking at adding branded merch to your marketing plan? Or maybe you’re already planning a campaign with promo merch and have incorporated promotional products before. Whether you are new to promo or have used it many times, it is helpful to consider these five things to successfully integrate promo into your next marketing campaign.


Start here: Clearly identify what you’re trying to accomplish–the goals and outcomes you are working toward. Maybe it’s as broad as raising awareness among prospective students or clients, or more specific, like increasing sales or attendance at an event.


What makes promo so powerful is that well-planned merch has the potential to amplify emotional moments for your targeted audience. Understanding your audience, and exactly what you want them to feel, experience, and do when they engage with your merch should define the products you use and how you use them.


Planning a successful promo project and integrating it at the right moment requires a good amount of preparation. Establish a timeline for each phase of the project, ultimately carving out enough time for products to be produced and delivered when it will make the most impact for your audience. Different solutions have different production and shipping times, so planning ahead is necessary to ensure the most important moments come with merch.


In promo marketing, the product is the medium, and the medium is the message. Use the product to show different dimensions of your brand. Consider how your audience is likely to use or engage with the product, and how that interaction shapes the brand story. Options abound, from eco-friendly products, useful tech and self-care items, to spirit gear and apparel. Every product says something about the brand. Be thoughtful.


Great promo design captures attention and creates excitement while telling the story of your brand. Blending message and design to reinforce one another brings every promo experience to another level. Also consider how your audience will receive the merch–mailed in a branded envelope, shipped in a boxed kit with printing on the inside lid, or handed out at an event. However you deliver, be sure to design the entire experience.

At Magellan Promotions, our team brings decades of expertise to help you deliver exceptional promo experiences that reach and exceed your goals! Let’s see what we can do together.

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We are happy to mail using a client’s USPS non-profit number. Here are a few best practices for this to go smoothly. Let our team know up front on the project so we can make sure to get the information we need right away. 

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