Giving Tuesday at Magellan Promotions

Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, helping to kick off the charitable giving season. This year the Magellan Promotions team got involved by making donations to our favorite causes and charities.  Thanks to matched donations from Magellan Promotions, members of our team were able to contribute over $600 to these worthy organizations.

Here’s where we each donated, and why.

Michael: The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Michael and his sons at UWM’s Panther Prowl

We support student success because today’s UWM students will shape the world of tomorrow. Because cost should not prohibit potential. Our students are looking for a better life, and they’re willing to work for it. Four out of five of them hold down jobs while earning a degree, yet still graduate with debt. Scholarships are game-changing – they bring the possibility of a dream to reality.

I chose to support the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, my alma mater, because the school has supported me so much as I have grown my business. My support, and the support of other donors, will help other students achieve their dreams while at UWM and beyond.

To learn more about the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, visit

Julia: Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Egg McMuffin, the Milwaukee County Zoo’s Giant Pacific Octopus

I grew up going to the zoo, taking zoo classes and exploring with my family. While I may have outgrown most zoo classes, I still spend many mornings wandering around the zoo and visiting some of my favorite animals (including Egg McMuffin, their new Giant Pacific Octopus, and the otter family – Emerald, Clover, Shamrock, and Larkey)

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee not only supports the Milwaukee County Zoo, they participate in wildlife and endangered species conservation and educate the community on the importance of wildlife and the environment. In addition to providing financial and volunteer support, the zoological society provides exceptional animal, environmental and science-based educational opportunities to children, adults and families and works with conservation groups around the world to protect species that are in immediate danger of extinction.

To learn more about the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, visit

Rachel: The Women’s Center

I support the Women’s Center because I feel strongly in their mission to help support families in need, especially children who often suffer silently in these situations.

The Women’s Center’s mission is to provide safety, shelter, and support to women and their families and to facilitate their development. The Women’s Center provides free and comprehensive services designed to address the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse. The services offered by The Women’s Center include emergency shelter for abused families, transitional living, counseling, child abuse prevention programming, legal advocacy and employment counseling.

To learn more about the Women’s Center, visit

Alyssa: Herma Heart Institue at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

This year I’m giving to the Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in honor of all of those children and families who have dealt with CHD this year.

The Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin cares for patients with congenital heart disease from before birth through adulthood, and consistently reports some of the best surgical outcomes for even the most complex types of heart disease. They are known as innovators in the field as they continue to challenge the standard of care through new treatments, technologies and follow-up programs that are often adopted by other pediatric hospitals.

To learn more about the Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, visit