Engaging High School Counselors

Stay In Front of Your High School Counselors with the Wedge

Staying top of mind with influencers like high school and community college guidance counselors has always been a major priority for admissions departments. With many students, meeting with their guidance counselor will play a major role in their higher education decision. The challenge is to stay top of mind when many other colleges and universities are targeting this same group of influencers.

The Wedge Mobile Device Stand

One way to do so is to give counselors an appreciated and useful desk-based promotional product. A desk product will be seen by counselors on a daily basis as well as get noticed by students when discussing their next academic steps. There are certainly a wide range of desk items to consider, but here’s one we really think counselors will use and it’s designed to occupy a prominent place on their desk.

Our cell phone stand, called the Wedge – and for good reason as its unique wedge design serves as a perfect cradle for the counselor’s cell phone, ensuring that instead of landing anywhere on the desk, their phone will be put in the same place every day.

Since cell phones are often put right next to a monitor, the Wedge often ends up in this coveted viewing space. With its full color imprint, the Wedge has endless branding opportunities – giving you the chance to provide a daily reminder of your school’s logo or mascot along with your school colors. Not only will it reinforce your branding message to the counselor, it’s sure to be noticed by quite a few students as well!

The Wedge has an added, built-in bonus feature. It doubles as a microfiber screen cleaner so that counselors can safely remove dust and smudges from their computer screen and cell phone as well as from eyeglasses or camera lenses. Microfiber traps the dirt within the fibers so nothing is left behind, and since no chemicals are used, there is no sticky residue. Once counselors use it, they’ll be glad to have it so readily available.

At about $5-$7 each, based on quantity, the cost of the Wedge is a bit more than your average desk promotional product. But, the potential end benefit is well worth the investment.
To get pricing and product information for this desk item, visit our Wedge product page. To learn about other attention-getting desk items like customized coasters or note cubes, click HERE to see our Counselor showroom. Or, if you want to contact us to discuss next steps, your dedicated Account Manager will help you get started.