Attention-Grabbing 3D Direct Mail Ideas

For direct mail that really stands out in the mail pile and grabs attention consider adding dimension, eye-catching colors, and a promotional item. According to industry research, investing in direct mail will help deliver a bigger bang for your buck.  Consider the following stats:

  • 4.4% is the average response rate of standard mail (Direct Marketing Association).
  • 3D mailings receive a 250% better response rate than standard mail (Direct Marketing Association)
  • A direct mail piece that includes a promotional item can increase response rates by 50% (Silver Marketing Group Study).


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While a color imprint, unique shape or bright sticker may help draw more eyeballs to standard flat mail, 3D packaging provides a larger canvas for imprinting artwork and messaging. Here are a few 3D direct mail ideas that can enhance your next mail campaign:

Poly Pak imprinted packaging
Full color mailing packet gives you more messaging space.

Imprinted Mailing Pack

One sample that exemplifies this is the Poly Pak.

Imprint in full color on both sides of the packaging to showcase your company.  This would be one way to spruce up mailing envelopes used for sending literature.

Outer side of the Greeting Cube
The Greeting Cube includes assembly instructions and pre-affixed adhesive.

The Greeting Cube

For smaller packages with more durability, the Greeting Cube is an ideal option. Saint Louis University used this packaging to mail USB drives to prospective students for the John Cook School of Business. Imagine what your school, business or organization could create for each of the panels by looking at the Saint Louis University images below:

Pricing includes the cube assembly, product insertion, and shrink-wrapping. Additional personalization is available through variable printing, so individual names could be imprinted for an additional charge.


Another 3D packaging mailing option is BookWear, a shrink wrapped book-shaped package that contains a promotional item. As indicated in the recruiting college students information, BookWear has a high open rate and conversion rate due to its novel appeal. Here is one collegiate sample of a compressed t-shirt inside of BookWear:

The standard print area for BookWear is 9 inches wide by 4.5 inches high, though custom sizes are available. You can also view this YouTube video to see other samples of BookWear items.

3D Direct Mail Case Study

Last but not least, we recently helped law firm DeWitt Ross & Stevens with a 3D mailing that included an imprinted phone stand promotional item and informational insert. This was a very creative and successful branding initiative for the firm.

3D direct mail case study images
Imprinted box, phone holder with card inserted

3D or lumpy mail is a worthwhile investment for helping increase response rates and overall effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns. Get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss how to create a successful campaign using interactive mailings.