Giving Back: How Roots Ethiopia used Promotional Products

As part of our Giving Back initiative, Magellan Promotions provides monetary donations and creates promotional items at cost to help non-profit organizations stretch their funds to better support their mission.

Roots Ethiopia – an organization that we supported through at-cost production of items – recently shared their story of their field team, who enthusiastically used the field bags and hats that we created. Here is a brief overview of the organization and how these promotional products impacted their work.

Supporting education and job creation in Southern Ethiopia is the main mission of Roots Ethiopia. Learn more about their organization and mission by visiting their website at We have had the pleasure of working with the organization’s founder, Meghan Walsh, who was kind enough to share their story of their recent trip to Ethiopia.

In December 2014, Roots Ethiopia sent a team to Ethiopia for training and projects with field partner Meserete Kristos Church’s Hosanna Regional Office. The field team does everything locally, traveling by foot or public bus. Days are long and travel is slow, which makes field bags a desirable item, especially since they are difficult to find locally.

field bag for Roots Ethiopia
Close up of the messenger style bag used.

When Meghan attended the first day of training, they announced that they had these field bags prepared, and the entire crowd of community members cheered. One man even stood up and did a fist pump! Leaders gave 32 community members / field volunteers a bag stuffed with pens, paper, and a memory stick. According to Meghan,

 “The bags were a delightful way to start off a really meaningful 2 days of work! They set the tone of ‘team’ – and for that I am just deeply grateful.”

Roots Ethiopia training session
Images from the training session.

The baseball caps that were ordered at cost were passed out to all of the VIP assistants on the trip -drivers, translators, bag carriers, etc. This was a great way to show appreciation and raise awareness for Roots Ethiopia.

Baseball caps Roots Ethiopia
Imprinted baseball caps for Roots Ethiopia VIP’s

 “Your kindness allowed us to do this without any concerns for quality, and your ability to do this for us at ‘cost’ meant I could rest assured that we were spending funds thoughtfully and in the best spirit of stewardship. It means very much to a small organization like Roots Ethiopia to have your support and encouragement as we grow our program, all the while tending to the bottom line.” – Roots Ethiopia Founder, Meghan Walsh

It was so very rewarding to know that our promotional items were extremely appreciated and put to good use by the Roots Ethiopia organization! Such small things, such as a field bag or baseball cap, can have a much greater meaning and make a big difference, as Meghan described above.

For more stories on how Roots Ethiopia has made a difference for families and children, read about Tsehainesh pictured here.

Roots Ethiopia coffee shop
Did you know coffee can change a life? It did for her!

They are currently raising funds for education. Here are a few pictures from their visit to schools they support with essential learning resources.

Children at a sponsored school
Sweet Smiling faces at a school Roots Ethiopia sponsors


Roots Ethiopia classroom visit
Their field partner strives to make school a reality for many students.

From supporting small business start-ups like Tsehainesh to sending children to school, Roots Ethiopia’s work and mission is truly inspiring. We were happy to play a small part through promotional items used on their trip.

If you’d like to learn more about ways to help Roots Ethiopia, visit

Thanks again to Meghan for sharing their story!